Laser Safety Glasses

Is necessary to use glasses when using very low power, as with Frame and/or Fire?


With a diode laser, the answer is yes, I always wore the right goggles until I built myself a box with orange, laser-safe plastic glass. (The box functioned primarily as a closed exhaust chamber) Even the reflections from a diode laser from shiny metal parts can cost you your sight.


I have a CO2 laser and I wear glasses whenever the power is on even with the cover door closed. I don’t trust the orange plexi on the door, and since you can’t see the beam there is no blink reflex. You won’t know of a problem until your retina starts to boil :frowning:

It is a big different with CO2 laser beams, normal glasses already provide good protection here. I think the best thing is to use the glasses that absorb just the wavelength of laser beams that one’s laser has. You can not mix diode lasers and co2 laser protection with each other, be careful.

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