Laser saving data from old laptop and I cannot hook up new one

I have a Ruida 60w and I use LIghtburn. The laser has saved the data from the last time I used it on my old laptop and I cannot hook up my new laptop to it to use my new laptop. It will still frame and engrave the last thing I did with my old laptop but I cannot connect the new laptop at all.

In what way does your new laptop hang-up? If you are connecting via a USB connection, some of the new laptops use a cheaper chip for USB I/O. The problem, if this is the case, is that sometimes the voltages on the chip used on the Ruida motherboard and the chips in the new laptop are off just enought to cause the USB data signals between the two USB ports to be incompatible! Ruida will not help you with this at all. I had this problem with a Dell lalptop and Dell kept telling me to contact Ruida!

I found a solution with a USB port isolator. You can find them on eBay and Amazon for around $20/25. They are known as " USB Digital Isolation USB to USB Voltage Isolator Board Protection". You do not need to buy a $100 to $200 device.

What the isolation board does is optically isolate the data signals (voltages) and allows the two incompatible devices to talk to each other. This will work only if you are using USB to connect and if the signal voltages are out of spec.

In my case, I was going from a Dell e6430, which worked perfectly, to a Dell e7470. My problem laser was a Redsail w/100 watt being driven by a Ruida 6442G motherboard. When ever I connected my new e7470, The keyboard and the touchpad would freeze up. Dell would not admit to this problem, but an internet search was to show they did know about it. They would only say it had to be Ruida’s fault and would not give any solution. The sad thing is that I returned the laptop thinking it was faulty, getting a second e7470, only to find that the second one did the same thing! So l hope this helps, if not, good luck and when you find a solution, be sure to post it so the rest of us know.

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