Laser says picture is too big, however it is in limits of 400mm x 430mm

Laser Master 2 cutting size issue

If you are doing raster, you have to allow for over run beyond the image size. How much depends on the speed you are running. Stay away from the edges of your cut area, and / or turn the speed down.

I have the speed down lower. I am just doing a simple rectangle for testing to solve this problem. Even with having the square smaller it still has the same problem.

Which ‘Start From’ mode setting are you using? It’s quite common for users to change it away from the default of ‘Absolute Coords’ to one of the other settings without realizing how they work.

I changed it to absolute cords it looks to be working fine now. thank you!!!

And your start point. I catch myself after having run a job and changing the start point and forgetting to switch it to my ‘normal’ after the job is complete.

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