Laser settings for optemization atomstack a5

I would like to know what is the most speed i can get out of the laser engraver.

There are preset speed limits in the GRBL firmware. If you tell the engraver to go faster than these limits - It won’t.

You can change the speed limits but it will likely cause lost-motion problems (like belts jumping a tooth) wasting time and materials.

Speed also reduces the number of photons that hit the work-piece and darken the engraving. If you want to finish work faster you may be looking for a more powerful laser.

so theres a difference in the burn when its goes horizontal only persay when verticle lines are made in a rectangle for example the horizontal lines have a kind of thicknes. It may be that its producing like a second image even though Its run a 1 time pass. What is the thing to look for on this. Thanks

I commented on that where you asked about 20 hours ago.
Keeping it to one thread will help focus the support demand.

umm ok i thought it was a different kind of question but ok

I think you’re hung up in the over-speed algorithm.
I’ll wait for your response on your other thread.
Several of the issues you’re having will likely clear up.

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