Laser settings must be wrong on new PC

I have the Atezr p20 plus and I’ve been using it to engrave wood and stainless steel tumblers. My computer is in the shop and since swapping to my backup computer the laser is not performing right.

The entire image is set to FILL at a speed of 9400mm/s and a power of 40% with an interval of .08 , yet some of the image is burning through the wood while the rest is barely engraving. The lense is clean i have checked and all my settings appear to be right. Please see images below. I could use some help getting this functioning properly.

Doing all of this dance should set things up properly:

Thanks! The issue is my old pc died and is at the repair shop, so I don’t have access to the lightburn on there.

That definitely puts a crimp in the proceedings!

That is breathtakingly fast for a diode laser. Perhaps the old machine was set for mm/min, which would slow things down dramatically.

In general, you can specify any speed you want, but the actual speeds will be whatever the machine is capable of. With an extreme mismatch between the expectation and reality, weird behavior happens.

As a rule of thumb, everybody starts with that assumption, which makes finding the actual problem much more difficult. :grin:

Because you can’t import the old machine’s settings, the best route forward will be to run a few Material Test sequences to find the correct settings. You may also expose gotchas like incorrect units or a mismatch between GRBL’s $30 and the S-Maximum setting.

9400 mm/s:
I looked that up, machine shows 24800 mm/m, which is a little over 400 mm/s

They are getting much quicker… one similar machine stated speeds up to and including 400mm/s … xTool and the Ortur Master pro run up in these areas, speed wise…

Someone stated theirs was 800mm/s, the advertisement stated that… wish I had bookmarked it.

One common item I noticed, is the X belt/drive is always enclosed.


Thanks! It appears my computer must have been at mm/min for 9400. This one is mm/sec and I slowed way down to 90 and it working perfectly.

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