Laser Settings saved in colours

When I create a “cut profile” i.e. 6000mm/m 80% power, 2 passes and that is assigned to say the colour Red on the bottom layer/colour choices, is there a way that I can save that setting so that red is ALWAYS that setting every time I open a new project? I have named the setting but it only seems to stay within that one project and when I go to start a new one the colours are reset to their original defaults.
I’ve had a look at the Library but I was hoping to save the colours as set profiles.


Go into Edit/Settings. Under the File Settings Tab, turn off Load default layer settings on new or restart. This should set things up to preserve whatever settings you have in your layers.

That’s great thanks I’ll give it a go.

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Did this work for you @tom.lewis.1986 ?

I think so, haven’t had any issues yet but haven’t had a massive amount of time to play around with it. only problem is that it doesn’t seem to work for files you’ve already created, only new ones you make.

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