Laser shutting off and skipping areas of cut out

I have the genmitsu 10w compressed air assist laser and operating it on the 6050 pro with grbl processor.
while cutting along a line 5in/min at 100% power constant he laser will shut off and therefore skip burning a part of the line. Have adjusted the parameters varying power and speed and constant vs. non but it still occurs.

That is obviously an attempt to cut some thick material, Try cutting at 50% power and see what happens. Could be thermal shut-down of the laser module.

Is the shut-down in the same place every time?

Yes. I even went with 2 passes and the same. I will try 50% tommorow and see if it is better. Is speed of 5 in/min sound good. Thanks for the response!

The material is 1/4 poplar plywood

Good grief! that is a serious cut. You may find multiple passes at a higher speed is faster and with less smoke damage. You did not mention it, but Air Assist is almost mandatory for this type of work.

Also be aware what works may not work in a different board, or even a different area of the same board. Plywood is very unpredictable under the laser.

Not on my 10w machine. I cut 3mm (1/8") Baltic Birch ply at 50% power, running 500mm/min ((20ipm) in 2 passes. If it does not cut thru, I add more passes, not more power.

If I were to attempt 1/4" material, I would set the focus in the middle of the material. In other words, set the focus on a 1/8" thick piece, then cut the 1/4" at that setting.

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