Laser Slow response and stoping rabdfomly during work after version V0.9.20

Hello Guys I’ve recently upgraded (paid upgrade) to version 1.0.02 from version 0.9.20

Let me say that I’ve stooped upgrading after that version because the laser response was sluggish (when ordering to go to a position it would wait 2 to 4 seconds before executing) but mostly because it sopped randomly during large jobs making me loose material like hell.
I have a home shop and always on a tight budget

I’ve upgraded now and it did the same.

I’ve it connected on a MAC via USB to a Chinese KH-7050 CO2 80W - Ruida DSP
I would just go back to 0.9.2 but i’ve payed this version so i will try to solve this.

Any one had the same trouble?

Thank You
Tiago Carita

Yes, this is a known issue, Macs communicating via USB with Ruida control systems. Here is a search of the forum on the subject: Search results for 'Mac Ruida USB' - LightBurn Software Forum

Today, you can connect via Ethernet to avoid the issues you are experiencing.

We are also working a new solution, the ‘LightBurn Bridge’ that should resolve this issue, allowing wifi access from Mac to your Ruida that is much more robust and reliable. We are currently testing with good results, targeting release for end of Sept., first of Nov. - so soon-ish. :slight_smile: LightBurn Bridge Intro and Setup - LightBurn Software Documentation

But this problem only occurred after 0.9.2 version?

Yes, this is what we have been seeing. You can try an Older Version, connect via Ethernet, or look into using the LightBurn Bridge once available.

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