Laser start at the beginning of movement and does NOT stop anytime


i use Lightburg 1.0.06 with my engraving file many times before. I want to engrave a name in a wood plate. When i press start, the laser light start burning, even the position of the start point of the name is not reached. The laser light also dows not stop between the non burning spaces. So in stead of a name i get a full burned area. When the laser movement is finished, the laser returned to its home and the laser light is still on and does not stop!

I have no idea why this is happening, please help



I found the issue. The Laser is broken :frowning:

How did you identify the cause? Others may benefit.

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Yes sure. After i tried the config $32=1 and the laser does not do anything, i googled for the issue. The reason why the laser does not stop seems to be a dieing power unit of the laser. So i replaced my laser with the old one, and the old one works well. So my conclution is, the laser is broken.

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