Laser started lightening while i was running a job

so while i was running a job my machine started sounding a little louder and the marking got a little lighter then stopped marking altogether yet the machine was still moving. I was marking on wood.
please give me good news…easy fix… :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

It sounds like your tube is broken. But it could also just be a bad electrical connection. What does your ammeter say?
How old is your laser tube, and has there always been proper cooling, without air bubbles during operation?
Turn off the power to your machine and inspect it carefully, if you don’t find a loose connection and the tube looks fine you need to find out if your high voltage power supply is working properly, it happens quite often that it breaks.
Good luck with troubleshooting.

upon investigating, I found this. (pictures)

also smelled a little electrical burn… the louder noise also came from that lower area of the machine.

the tube looked fine to me. I mean nothing looked different. And honestly, I haven’t used the machine enough to run the tube out.

I have no idea what this means… what sound… I can only hear the mechanical on mine…

Are you getting arching inside the tube area?


If you are able to see how the gas is in your tube, then your eyes are better than mine…

You can’t look at one and tell if it’s good or bad. If it’s in pieces you can tell, but generally you can’t see anything.

What you do have is rather typical of a failed tube, in that the hv goes way higher than it should and you will get a discharge through whatever path has the least inductance. This appears to be your hv connector.

Never see this when it wasn’t a tube, but I’m sure it’s not exclusive… However, I’d put my money on the tube.

If you’ve just purchased this, I’d hit up the vendor…

Good luck


there was a flashing sound coming out of the bottom of the machine where the electronics are.

thanks! this is the second time this has happened. so I’m wondering if your tube theory is correct.
In contact with the company to replace…ugh…I am in the middle of a job that is due soon…so not happy!

Never heard a ‘flash’ before … lol

I’m pretty sure you head the hv arcing to the chassis when it went though that connector.

Before? What happened/when and what was the resolve?

Glad you have the ear of the vendor… Hope they can help you out…


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