Laser stays at one point

Hello, I have a problem, that my laser connected with the software an shows also the rame, but when I start the process for laser it goes to the start point and the laser stays at the point and laser the whole time ona the same area/this point only at this position and does not move.

Please could someone help me?) Also in German or English)

I need the laser to end my modelling for the university.)


I have had similar issues where the laser burns a hole instead of drawing lines. I use one or both of the following to overcome that issue. my laser is Ortur Laser Master Pro 2

  1. Use a different speed - in stead of 1500mm/min, adjust to 1550mm/min
  2. Don’t start the burn from HOME location - use the FRAME first, then start the burn without going back to home.

Try those and let us know it if fixes the problem.

Ensure you are set to the proper speeds. mm/min or mm/s.

If it’s too low it might be moving slower than you can perceive.


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