Laser stopped firing in the middle of a job

Recently the laser quietly stopped firing in the middle of a simple job. It was just cutting a straight line at about 20mA.

The rest of the machine still works normally. No error messages. The power supply’s fan is running.

What I’ve tried:

  • Controller Pulse button = nothing happens. No movement on ammeter, and laser doesn’t fire.
  • Test button on power supply = nothing seems to happen (apart from a small orange indicator on the power supply)

What does this indicate?


You should be able to unplug the signal connector (right connector in photo) from the lps (laser power supply) and fire it via the lps test button. This should tell us if it’s the controller or the tube/lps…

Most tubes fail slowly … with an acute failure, the lps will reach such a high voltage it arcs to the frame.

Since you have neither, I’d bet on an lps failure.

Good luck


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