Laser stopped issue

I used the laser this morning and then moved on to some welding projects. Went back to cut a small project and while the head was homing the machine just stopped, it shut down completely. I went to turn it back on and the Breaker / main sw was off (Tripped?), reset it and now the laser does not fire, all controls wnd movement work as it should, it will follow the cut path but the laser does not fire. I thik its in the HV circutry but not sure about how best to trouble shoot it, if anyone has had this happen please give a heads up on where to look first

Does it look like the Ruida has power and is ‘alive’?

Many lps have a ‘Test’ or manual fire button, that will cause it to lase. It overrides all the protections.

That would be a start…

Good luck


Yes, the Rudia controls work perfectly and the only problem is that all of a sudden after resetting the main sw/breaker the laser is dead. Tomorrow I will check my analog Ma meter to help confirm no output. nothing when I pulse either

I was indeed the place to start.
Test button did nothing, I happened to have a new in box powersupply I purchased for my first machine, same P4 I installed the new one amd all is well. Thanks for the heads up

Glad you found the issue.

When troubleshooting, always start as close as possible to the beginning of the process and follow it till it isn’t working…

Might want to mark this solved…

Good luck

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