Laser stopping midway through a longer burn,

On longer burns, like over 40 minutes, I sometimes get an error message…

“Machine protected work paused”

and it stops right where its at and I cannot get it to restart at that same spot.

Any thoughts on why it might be stopping or how to get it started again at that spot so my piece is not ruined?

Your problem is likely caused by bad sensors, according to Google

For continuing where you left off, it’s quite hard to tell the exact spot, but the new LightBurn release has an option to start midway into a job.

Hmmm…now to track down the sensor I guess. Any ideas as to where/how to start?

I will have to update versions today.

Thanks so much.

I don’t know your Laser, but I would start by “beeping” every endstop with a multimeter.
Basically you turn off your laser completely, hook one endstop up to a multimeter, put it in diode mode (Beeping mode) and then it should beep permanently. Then you grab the head and glide it freely over the entire table multiple times, in every possible movement that you can think of. If the beeping suddenly STOPS for a split second, you have a cable break somewhere which appears only sometimes.
However, if it doesn’t, hook it back up to the controller and try it with the other endstop(s) too.
Also be sure that the cables are tightly screwed to the controller.
If your laser has a water sensor, check the cable of it also and make sure it isn’t stalling (if it’s a type of sensor that spins inside).
Also make sure it isn’t endstop interference from lights nearby, microwaves ovens, etc. Putting capacitors in the picoFarad (10pf, for example) range near the controller might solve this issue (if it’s indeed interference - check other things first). If it’s indeed interference, you could build a simple filter or simply buy endstops with integrated filters. If your laser has a DSP it’s very unlikely, as they already come with filers, but just mentioning that too :slight_smile:
Also make sure none of the temperature sensors trigger, if your laser has any.
Also check if your power supply isn’t suddenly dropping/spiking power. If it gets particularly hot or if it’s old, consider replacing it.
Also make sure your laser is grounded! This might not seem important, but can lead to interference!
And lastly, if you’re printing over USB, try getting a shorter cable. Longer cables also give interference, especially if the cable isn’t shielded and your setup isn’t grounded!

Thanks a ton. I will look into it.

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