Laser stops about one third through job

I have neje 3 pro laser connected to a dell Latitude 3340 laptop via a usb supplied by neje. The laser just stops and I have left if in that state for several hours and it will not move dock or anything.
I am very new to all this, lasers, computer control so not sure what you need however, I did print this from the control panel I think

When I disconnect the usb and reconnect the laser will dock but when I try to start is says busy.
Does this make since to anyone,

I have the same issue with the neje 3 pro. the challenge is that it is inconsistent. sometimes it will cut for 2 hrs with no problem, other times it will just quit after a few minutes. it still has power to the laser and the red and green lights on the control board are lit solid.

Can also be static built up on the laser. Bond and ground the chassis. Mine was doing the same thing. Disconnecting, stopping in the middle of a job, rebooting, etc. Even if your laser isn’t an Orteur (mine is an Atomstack X7). Check out this PDF.

Auch mir ist es schon mehrfach passiert, dass die Abarbeitung eines Auftrages ohne erkennbaren Grund abgebrochen wurde. Leider ist bei diesem Problem kein Muster erkennbar. Es passiert bei 15% oder 34% und letztens (sehr ärgerlich) bei 98%. dabei friert LB ein und ist nicht mehr bedienbar. In der Regel trennen ich dann die USB-Verbindung und kann nach der Fehlermeldung neu anfangen. Achso, bei mir läuft ein Sculpfun S6pro.

I have this problem very often with Sculpfun users. In 85% of all cases, the USB cable is the reason. Exchange the delivered cable with a HIGH QUALITY one. This cures nearly all problems of this case. Next in the list are

  • removing all disturbances from the power line the laser is on
  • grounding the laser frame
  • use different usb ports on host PC
  • update firmware

Note that there was one other user on this forum that was well equipped to test all the common scenarios. After troubleshooting cables, grounding, and using a bench power supply determined that the motherboard itself was bad. A replacement corrected his issue.

So I think a relatively rare scenario but still possible.

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