Laser stops and something like this pops up

Czy jest ktoś mi wstanie pomoc laser w trakcie wypalania zatrzymuje się i wyskakuje coś takiego

Can anyone help me, the laser stops and something like this pops up during the firing process

laser sculpfun s9

The pop up is just telling you that you used to have a library file loaded, but then you deleted or moved it, so LightBurn can not find it any more. If you click ‘New’ in the Material Library window, LightBurn will remember that the last Library you used was no library at all.

This is not an error that should prevent your laser from working.

To co jest przyczyną że laser w połowie się zatrzymuje.?

So what causes the laser to stop halfway?

Open a project in LightBurn and prepare to engrave it.
Open the LightBurn Console window.
Begin the project.

If the project stops because the engraver has found a problem it will report back in the Console window; Alarm or Error or something to that effect. If the engraver stops and does not generate an error (or alarm message) it can be lost data from your USB cable or connection.