Laser stops during burning

Good morning, the last week I have been having issues with the laser stopping in the middle of jobs so I checked these things already.

is there and settings in the soft ware that could make this happen? I have attached some pictures that may help.

  1. Cooling is good.

  2. Remade image files and tried .png and all the others file types.

3.Checked my step’s.

4.No obstructions in path.

Sorry, but no pictures uploaded.

Hallo harbe das gleiche Proplem gehabt der Fehler war das bei meinen Laser 50/70 rot Schwarz 80W der Durchflusssensor den Fehler verursacht hat da das Kühlwasser verschmutzt war und dadurch
den sensor blokiert hat vieleicht der selbe Fehler
Liebe Grüße aus Austria Leo

Hello harbe had the same problem the error was that with my laser 50/70 red black 80W the flow sensor caused the error because the cooling water was contaminated and thereby
the sensor blocked maybe the same error
Greetings from Austria Leo

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