Laser stops halfway through burning at 90 degree angle

When burning using my Sculpfun S9 at 90 degree offset the burn always halts at about 50% through. I can burn okay at 45 degree offset. What is causing this ?

Have you viewed it using Play at 2x in the Preview window?
Can you upload (drag&drop) the Lightburn file here?

Are you seeing any error or alarm messages in the Console window when the job halts?

This sounds like the laser is losing connection, that can sometimes happen at relatively consistent times in a given engraving due to the specific motion of the job, or static electricity building up and discharging at a consistent point in the job.

We’ve got some tips on addressing connection issues here:

If there is no problem with the file, it sounds like the mechanics might be set too tight at some spot and the motors draw too much current. Would be my first suggestion. Did you do a careful mechanical tuning and did the tilt test? Guide to mechanical adjustments and maintenance

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