Laser stops in the middle of the job

Since yesterday, my laser refuses to process orders properly. He keeps stopping in the middle. Sometimes shortly after the start or sometimes shortly before the end.No matter what I set, whether slow or fast, a lot of power or little, nothing helps. He lasers fonts without interruption. But with pictures he stops in 85% of the orders. Then he just stands still, the laser is off and I have to stop the job because the time in Lightburn keeps ticking. After that it is no longer connected and I have to restart Lightburn. I have no idea what could help or what it is. Hope someone can help me.I have already tried:
Changed speed and power. USB cable changed. All other cables removed from the laser. Laser reset. Reinstalled Lightburn. Computer restarted.

Was this after doing the newest LB update? I only ask because, I am having the same issue right now. I have checked USB setting on my computer, went and got 2 new cables and tried that. Checked firmware, wondering if I can uninstall the latest update. So was wondering if you are still having this issue or if you figured it out. Thanks

Not sure if you found out the issue or not. I found this in another post on here and it fixed my issue. So here it is hope it helps you also. ORTUR Laser Master 3, Connection Problem Solved! - YouTube

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