Laser stops mid cut please help

So this started 2 days ago while engraving something the laser just stopped operating. I can tell it’s interference because if I try to move the gantry afterwards it’s completely unresponsive. I got an error a few times about messed up gcode. This system has been running fine for about 7 months so I doubt it’s the already shielded USB cable and I went through to check for loose wires, now back to the issue, if I unplug the laser psu and do a mock cut it does all the moves flawlessly but as soon as I have power going to the laser the movement system fails. What I’m wondering is if anyone knows is if the laser tube could be giving this interference off or if I’m right in thinking it’s the laser psu maybe going out because of the before mentioned test I figure it’s one of these 2 things

Is the power supply grounded well, and is the machine body grounded? You haven’t mentioned what kind of physical machine you have, but it’s not uncommon to get ground loops or grounding noise from these, and the power supplies can introduce noise and interference as well.

Hi and thanks for the response it’s an open builds acro 1010. It’s actually enclosed in wood(potential fire hazard I know lol but I never leave it unattended), and while the gantry frame isn’t grounded, it hasn’t been an issue these past few months and I had tried it both grounded and not. Quick update it’s even worse now… it degraded really fast after some tests today. Now as soon as the laser fires it immediately stops working I was asked to send a video of it to the psu company I went with it’s almost like it’s not working at all. Also the psu is grounded through the wall using a standard US 110v power cable. I pulled the psu apart and didn’t see any brown streaks of death. The psu still fires the laser if I tap the test fire button on it so I don’t think it’s a power output problem. Maybe the arduino uno decided all the sudden not to play nice when the laser is on?

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