Laser stops mid cutting

I cannot seem to understand what is happening, but sometimes while I am cutting with my laser it just stops cutting as though it has lost connection to the computer. I looked into this and saw some suggestions to turn power saving off and to disable power save settings on my usb ports, but even with that it still happens randomly. It doesnt matter what file, or how long I have been cutting. It doesn’t come up with any errors on the computer or make any indication that the laser has disconnected, i am at a loss any help will be appreciated,
Thanks In advance,

Not enough info to go on

No information at all about your laser or computer.

I’m good, not psychic

I have a custom build computer (need specs?), and a k40 laser running a cohesion 3d mini board.

I am trying to work on a project but keep wasting material, due to the fact that it just keeps stopping on me, if there is anymore information needed please let me know.

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