Laser stops mid engraving


Ortur LM2 (not pro) is now stopping midway through project.
I did test runs with the layers set to “line” and everything went fine, but it stops midway after setting to “fill”. Console doesn’t indicate an alarm, the whole machine simply turns off mid burn.
I also broke the project down into different layers to burn smaller sections, I have “sleep mode” turned off on the computer, and I move the mouse every 3 min to eliminate some sort of sleep or screen saver issue. photos attached
LB1.1.03, MacBook Pro running BigSur 11.6.4, GBRL controller

help please

Has your machine been equipped with the grounding kit or otherwise addressed for grounding?

See here for more information:
Ortur – Ortur Laser Master Grounding – Ortur

The problem can occur more readily with engraving operations due to increased static buildup.

Other potential issues could be from a voltage drop if your power supply is failing or if you’ve got something else on that circuit that might be suddenly drawing power.

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