Laser stops mid job

I need help please.

I sent a file to the laser for engraving via the lightburn bridge.
The machine now stops mid-job for the second time. No error message on the controller! And it’s not the same place it stopped as the first time. I have engraved the file several times before with no problems. Where does this error come from and how could I save the engraving now?
Is it possible that the error occurs when the bridge briefly loses the network connection?

Are you using send or start to get it to the Ruida?

I’ve had the PI bridge for a while and have had a great experience.

When you send a file, it will store the whole file on the Ruida and you have to start the job from the machine panel… I’m not that familiar with start, as my machine is remote and I run it from the console, but it’s apparently handled in a different way.

The Ruida works via UDP, which has no error control. Lightburn will report a error during upload… don’t know how it knows…

You can try going to the file tab of the laser window in Lightburn and ensure any files there are deleted… Sometimes the Ruida gets confused if you’ve used up all it’s memory… If the tab doesn’t exist, enable it via windows → file


I used the start Button. If I use send…does the machine know where to start from and where the job origin is?

Absolutely… all that is sent to the machine.

More than once, I’ve moved the start from or job origin and forgot to set it back. Had to change it in Lightburn and re-send it…


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