Laser stops moving by grayscale mode

Hello, I am using an I3 Mega printer.
Black and white pics are ok, but using greyscale or other mode, the laser stops randomly. I have testet different firmware versions and tried different setting with RX Buffer but nothing helps.
Any idea?

I have The same problem with my Ortur. All black and White or vector images works fine, but when its more complex with grayscale images it stops mid engraving.

I have set up a voltage protection unit to rule out interference from the mains. I have tried different usb cables and ports.

So it seems it all boils down to that its the laser or the software that cant handle all the information. It seems that when the engraved line gets to a certain length with many different powerlevels or on/offs it shuts down.

I am also having the same issue with my laser engraver. I’m using a GRBL and it will start to engrave then it will stop and if I’m not watching it the laser would burn a hole in my material, because my laser doesn’t shut off when it freezes. Its like its flipping a breaker in my X axis motor and wont reset unless I turn off my machine and turn it back on.

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