Laser stops randomly during engrave/fill - fix

I have had the issue of my laser stopping at random points while running any fill/engraving programs. It would sometimes take only a minute or it might take up to 30 before it stopped.

I tried everything I could think of and all the fixes I read about online. Nothing worked for me

This morning I was running the same program that always failed, and it failed 3 times in a row roughly 2 minutes in. I noticed the Gcode showing a F20000S0, I was thinking theres no way its 20k. I was set to 1500mm/m. I went through settings and discovered my “whitespace scan” speed was set to 20,000.

I changed it to 2500, and I succesfully burned the image I have never been able to complete.

I have seen a lot of people with this same problem. I wanted to share my solution.

I believe the laser would stop burning, rapid to the next location at F20000, but would out run the gcode. Basically, moving faster than the gcode could be processed by the controller.

I hope this is helpful for other people. You wouldn’t think a rapid motion would cause so many issues, but it did.

My setup is a Neje A40630, Arudino CNC on a openbuilds ACRO 1000x1000 frame.


As a point of reference to this behavior, I was experiencing a very similar behavior pattern and in my case it turned out to be static electricity build up.

The static got worse as I ran the machine faster, and when it would arc it would ‘Reset’ my controller.

When I slowed down the operations I got to a point that my runs would complete (I’m assuming) because the static charge would naturally dissipate before it could arc.

There are mentions of this related to Ortur I believe. Anyhow, I went and grounded/bonded a bunch of the rails and carriage together and was able to run my speeds back up without having the jobs quit.

Just food for thought.

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I had similar problems with the stopping only a few minutes in to an operation. What I changed that seems to have solved my problem is by changing device settings. Device settings~Basic Settings~Transfer Mode (bottom right below baud rate) changed to SYNCHRONOUS from buffer. Has worked for 2 days without error.

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