Laser stops randomly


I have been cutting fine on my laser for months and today I was working on a project and the laser stops at random intervals.

here is my console output

[MSG:Check Door
[MSG:Check Door
Stream completed in 3:13
Port opened, waiting for response.

no idea where the Check door has come from.

GRBL controller

Hope someone can help


Check Door is GRBL telling you that the pin it uses to monitor the lid switch has been triggered (it thinks your laser lid is open). What version of GRBL are you running, and on what kind of machine?

strange. Its a K40 using a mini gerbil controller.

GRBL 1.1f

There may be something in the wiring that isn’t grounded properly. AwesomeTech has guidance on their site for setting up a door switch, but they don’t mention anything about false triggers. I would check with them.

thank you.

Wish me luck they take forever to respond to anything

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