Laser stops when using scan angle other than 0

It took me a while to figure out the problem, now I need an answer. I’ve been using LB to do just about everything my laser is capable of. I’ve had no problem with images until I started trying to change the scan angle. My settings were greyscale, scan angle 33degrees, LI 0.07 (362 DPI). This only runs for a couple of minutes but if I change nothing but the scan angle it works perfectly. Any ideas???

What firmware (including version number) are you using to drive this system?

My LB is version 0.9.24 and my controller is Marlin based RAMP1.4 Board. I’m using LB in Sync mode to drive the Marlin system. The problem is in the out of LB, the laser is still happy sitting still at about 30% power, it responds to the M106 S0 command to shut down. Thankfully I have a nice solid aluminum base plate.

did you see any output in the console window when machine stopped? This sounds like a machine firmware issue since LightBurn gcode output is just going to generate gcode scanning across X and Y on each line as opposed to mostly scanning across X with incremental Y axis(or visa-versa) with a 0 degree scan angle. Could be a max speed issue too but just guessing.

You’ll probably want to report the Marlin version too.

Nothing in the console window. I need to try saving the gcode and run it from an Octoprint Rpi system. I started out with Octoprint in the flow and then tried running LB direct to the cutter getting rid of the middle man. Also, I’m running at very slow speeds compared to what the machine is capable of, in this case only 100mm/sec.
The firmware was still waiting for input, I didn’t have to reset anything I just used the console to send the M106 command to shut things down.

and it fails at the same place always? FYI, you can greatly reduce the power output and run without marking or cutting any material for testing purposes.

Not sure if it’s exactly the same place but it’s very close. I like the idea of low power testing, thanks.

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