Laser stops working after first cut but head keeps running program

So I’m try to engrave,then cut little holes in my big circles then cut out said circles

Here is the screenshot. Like I said it engraves writing just fine and it will do one little circle and then laser shuts off but the program keeps running. Help please!

May I ask why you use so many layers for the same type of items, on top of that with the same settings? 2 layers should be ok, but you might have a good reason for it.

Well I did it all as one cut in one layer but that didn’t work either so I thought I break them up by layer see if that worked but nothing

Try sending your file for inspection.

How do I do that?

Press the button and find your .lbrn2 file

Family Birthdays.lbrn2 (216.8 KB)

The file is good enough. I have changed a bit on grouping and optimization. In the preview there were no parts that were not processed (in your original file either). But try the edited file if it helps.

Family Birthdays-retur.lbrn2 (220.3 KB)

Thank you so much for your help!

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Well I’d like to say that helped,but it did the same thing…went to on of the small circles cut it out then went to another of the small circles and the laser went dark but kept running the program like the laser was still working.

I was hoping this would help, too bad…
Do you have this problem with other files too?

No this is the first time but i’m still very new at this. Only been doing this a few weeks. Heck I just figure out why my laser wasn’t at full power the first 2 weeks that I had the laser because the S-value Max was at 255 instead of a 1000. I do appreciate you trying to help me figure it out.

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