Laser suddenly moving 1/2 " either direction when engraving

While attempting to engrave the laser will suddenly shift one way or the other . It doesn’t always do this but when it does it’s after engraving about 3’4 " . I have done the same engraving using laserbox basic and it works fine . My trial has expired and I want to purchase however until the problem is resolved I won’t buy it .

For clarity, is that referencing 3 foot 4 inches, or maybe 3 hrs 4 mins? If time, I would look to see if the computer has any sleep settings, including turning off / sleeping the Comm ports like the USB.

We can extend your trial, as we want you to be confident and confirm LightBurn is a good choice for your needs. Send email with trial key to and ask nicely for an extension. We can add time to assist in your evaluation.

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