Laser temporarily shifts print to the left for a few lines

I’m at a loss. I’m operating a Gweike Cloud pro using latest version of Lightburn on MacBook Ventura.
When I print a job, it prints fine until about the last 30 seconds when it shifts the print to the left for a short while. It then returned to the correct print position and continued. . This has happened consistently. The first error was at the end of printing a png raster and the next was after printing text (fill) that had been converted to path. The preview looked normal. There are no duplicated layers. I deleted the job and redesigned it with the same result just in a different position. Not sure if this is a Lightburn, Mac, Gweike or user error. Any assistance would be appreciated.

From what I’ve seen of similar issues in the past this is generally caused by a communication issue. How are you connected to the machine? Anything unusual in terms of using a hub or particularly long cable?

You may want to try swapping cables and/or ports on your computer to see if that changes anything.

Given that you’re on a Gweike Cloud I assume you don’t have a display panel but correct me if that’s not the case.

I assume ethernet and/or wifi is not a possibility but again, correct me if that’s not the case. I know that OmTech Polaris provides WiFi capability but don’t know if that’s also found on Gweike Cloud lasers.

Thank you for the reply. USB is connected directly to computer. The cable is 3m but was a cheap purchase. Gweike does not have a display panel.Wifi is not an option but there is an ethernet port. I thought this would only be for internet connection for their own software. I can try that tomorrow.

From what I’ve seen of other Gweike lasers the challenge will be in configuring the IP address. In other Ruida controllers this can only be done from the Panel and is a static IP. I understand that a panel can be connected to the board but I’ve not seen it done.

However, maybe it’s possible that their own software has a way of configuring the ethernet port. I just haven’t seen anyone talking about this. My understanding was that the software was web based but that connection from computer was still USB in that case.

Thanks again for the advice. As you said, the ethernet port cannot be configured. I have replaced the USB cable and selected a different USB port from the computer. I have since printed 5 projects without incident. I would cautiously say that this was the issue and it has been resolved.

Do you have a lan that is on 192.168.1 ?

The Ruida on these are supposed to at that address, with the last octet being 100, so it should be

This is what I’ve read and seen in a video.

One of the people I helped asked OMTech about how to connect the Polar to the Internet… the response was “We only support USB, so don’t worry.”

Might give it a shot if you have time to do it… Ethernet is substantially better.

Good luck