Laser to engrave Serial Number on Epoxy coated aluminum

Hi, I am new to the laser community. I would like to engrave serial numbers on an item that is 4.5" tall. The SN itself is 1/4" H x 2.5’ Long. I would like a simple stand alone laser. Any recommendations? Has anyone heard of these? Thanks for any help. Steven

Is it critical to engrave into the aluminum for security purposes or would engraving into the epoxy be sufficient?

You’d need an RF fiber laser to get a mark in aluminum but you may be able to mark epoxy with a diode laser.

If I can buy similar epoxy locally - I’ll test.

If you tell me more about what you’re working on perhaps I can offer something more constructive.

Thanks so much for the response. I just need to etch the epoxy. Not sure if there are different kinds. It needs to be fairly fast. Maybe 30 seconds if possible. Most of what I see cannot handle something that is 4.5" high. I’ve attached a picture. Thanks again for your response.

Hopefully picture came through.

Just a word of caution here: I’d be very wary of lasering epoxy as I wouldn’t be surprised if it gives off all sorts of nasties. I’m sure there are others here who’d know more about it so hopefully they might chime in.

The factory uses an Epilog Zing laser engraver. Which is out of my price range. Zing 16/24 Technical Specifications

When I see 30-60W CO2 laser, i know it’s a pretty quick marking tool and they emit ‘long infrared’.

If a 10W (optical output) diode laser worked well, it would probably be 3-6 times slower - or more. Some of the “10W diode lasers” are closer to 3W output making them 10-20 times slower. These numbers are probably still somewhat optimistic.

Speed is money - how fast do you want to go?

The height is less of a problem. You can space a whole box-frame diode laser engraver up and away from the bottom of the work piece.

A 2028 might be worth looking at.

Hi, I’d like the SN to be engraved in less than 30 seconds. What’s a 2028?



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