Laser Tools Centre Finder

I cannot get this to work and keeps on getting the reply
of Not enough separation between points
Machine setup for mm and using Current position
Seems my machine not reading values back to software if I look at the console

Use absolute coordinates and see

Tried it but does not work
Im not sure if its s machine fault
Sculpfun S9

Are you moving the laser head by hand, or with the arrows in the “Move” window? (By hand will not work)

By hand
Will try and give feedback

These machines use stepper motors with no feedback to the controller, so if you move the machine by hand, it has no knowledge that you’ve done so. You have to move with the arrow controls in LightBurn, or on the controller if it has them.

I made the same assumption in the end
I can be sometimes seriously blond :blonde_woman:
At least it is confirmed now


Ok I have done what you suggested
Observe the following
Said there is a defenition error,Cannot move to calculated centre
Although it display negetive numbers when it gets the position you cannot input a negative number either in x or y thus the error,when you tell it to move to position,or doing it automatically.

Works fine if origin is 0,0

I don’t understand what you mean by this. Regarding the post before, where you said you can’t enter a negative number, LightBurn only works in positive workspace coordinates. You need to zero the machine to the front-left, so the workspace area is positive coordinate numbers, and then it should work.

Thanks as per post of 0,0 it was my assumption as well.
I have done as per your explanation and it works. :muscle:

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