Laser Tree K20 Installation Issues

I have the Ortur M2L2 and just purchased the Laser Tree K20 engraver. I have it all installed, but both the “Y” and “X” axis’ are not moving. The laser comes on and burns, but does not move at all.

Do I need to download a new driver? Just not sure what I need to do.

Can someone please help me out?

Thanks you

To confirm
you installed a K20 module on a OLM2 right?

OLM2 or OLm2 S2

Have you improved the power adapter?

If you unplug the laser head. does the axis move again when trying to engrave, even if the laser dont fire (because we unplugged it)

Oh my goodness! I unplugged the laser and then plugged it back in and now it works great! I thought there was something wrong with set up or drivers. Thank you very much!

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