Laser tree power issues

Just upgraded my Ortur2 pro with the laser tree 80w and it looks like I am having power problems. Changing the percentage doesn’t seem to adjust correctly. 50% just burns the edges and not the center. Thank for the help.

Are you certain that you’ve wired the new laser module correctly? I suspect you’re not getting TTL/PWM to the module.

Have you made any other GRBL configuration or LightBurn setting changes since the swap?

The laser tree unit is plug and play. I have tried adjusting some setting but only on the layers tabs. Nothing in the $$ has been changed.

Did it come specifically with a wiring harness designed for Ortur LM2 Pro? Or are you saying the plug happened to fit?

What specific model of laser module from Laser Tree are you using?

Can you take a photo of the connector on the laser module and upload here?

I’m still leaning toward something electrical in that case. Can you confirm that the laser functions properly with the original Ortur laser module?

I was told to use the original wiring.

I can’t find a definitive answer on this as it seems there are a lot of variants of this model but it may be possible that the VCC and PWM lines may be reversed.

It seems that the 12V models have pins in order of PWM, GND, VCC but 24V models are VCC, GND, PWM. But some variants seem to defy even that.

Note these 2 descriptions from the same Amazon page:

What bothers me is that the 2nd image doesn’t show a 24V laser but it shows a 24V tolerant input.

Does the laser module itself have markings to indicate this or do you have documentation provided with your actual laser showing this?

Right now it looks like you’re wired as PWM, GND, VCC.

So the white cable is the Pwm cable on the ortur unit and it is in the indicated location in both those diagrams. If you’ll notice the plug in is just turn around on that second picture. So everything I see and read shows me the wiring is correct.

Also I have put the ortur laser on and it is working correctly

Plug orientation is irrelevant. That’s just a keying mechanism.

Are you going off of anything else? If not, I suggest you confirm this somehow.

My biggest concern is your completel inability to modulate power. If your original module is working properly that indicates that PWM is being provided to the cable. If this were a simple configuration issue you’d likely have limited control but typically not zero control.

Either that or your module is faulty.

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