Laser tube cleaning

In connection with getting a CW-5000 cooler, I would like to clean my water system. The laser tube and the original water tank are not very dirty but have after all its operating time a little discoloration. The question is, what chemicals can / may I use to clean the system, and, should the CW-5000 be rinsed before use? … And, I have run my laser with 20 degrees Celsius water temperature, it is also this temperature " all the others "recommend?
Thanks for the inspirations

For me, I run 99.9% distilled water. The other .01% is 5 drops of Dawn dish washing detergent as a surfactant, and 5 drops of algaecide to keep it clean.

For cleaning, swing by the grocery stroe spice section and grab a little bottle of powdered Citric Acid.Drain the system down to the bare minimum needed to keep the pump feed and add it it, let it run for 20 - 30 minutes, rinse with a bit of distilled, then refill the system. Technically you only need to let it run for 5 - 10 minutes, but the extra has never seemed to hurt anything and I have to do something instead of sitting there watching it so that seems to be about the time to finish some little project.

Thanks for the answer, I have also run distilled water and therefore not very dirty water.
I have citric acid, so I want to try it.

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