Laser tube cracked and filled with water need replacement

I have a 100 watt Chinese red and black, can you guys please provide me with links to buy new laser tube replacements for it? What makes one better than the other? Can I use a 130 watt tube? Thanks so much!

What country do you live in?

How does it break ???, no guarantee?
I want to use Amazon and here Cloudray.
You should buy real yube holder together with your new tube, they do not cost that much and you can mount your new tube more stress free and with much better adjustment options.
If you need it and have physical space for a 130Watt tube in the machine, you must also order a suitable power supply for it.

I’m in the US

I’m assuming I that I used it during the winter months here, hypothesizing that there was water still in the laser tube, froze, expanded and broke? I used it last time right before Christmas.

I’ve used RV antifreeze for many years. Has a pleasant pink look. I don’t know of any reason to use water in laser tubes.
I bought the 90w cloudray from Amazon and the time to ship was amazing. Very good packaging. Or order from Cloudray direct.
Or look at Lightobject out of California. Automation technology near Chicago is also worth a look. Then there are a bunch of EBay sellers.
Im sure the holder didn’t cause problems but it’s only purpose is to position the tube. Doesn’t need to be tightly strapped in. The replacement tube should show the two mounting locations.
Good luck.

The only drawback with antifreeze is the the conductivity of the coolant increases. This can/has caused hv to arc to the coolant, making everything the coolant touches at the lps hv level. Makes the presence of hv easily within ‘reach’ …

I’ve run Propylene Glycol in mine, 50% is good to about 15 F. It also lowers the conductivity but not anywhere near that of RV antifreeze. It is also non toxic.


If you are in the US check out

I’m sorry on your behalf.

As @jkwilborn writes, antifreeze protection is not that easy. When I tried it in a good sense, I could not understand that it may be possible that coolant has an effect on laser power but it has! Even though it is in “its seperate” circuit, my 40Watt tube lined up by about 50%. Until I get wiser and swapped refrigerant out with demineralized water without addition.

Seriously, will vodka, or gin or another clear, unmixed alcohol, not be able to be used?

I’m going to be installing a water heater inline with chiller.

Try I bought a replacement SPT C70 (60 watt min) tube from them last year when my original tube froze up and cracked. It’s been working fine ever since and it was delivered in less than a week.

On the heater, since it has no pump, I guess you would turn the chiller on then give it time to warm up? Be better if it circulates out of the chiller reservoir all night long. But none of this warms the tube off hours. Lasers just are not designed for cold weather.

“It warms up water to a desired temperature to avoid thermal-shock (laser tube).”

These sure aren’t… I think most people put them in a warm work areas… I wish…


I have used bescutter for my replacement tube.

Just ordered a 50 watt tube from Amazon … Ten High is the brand name.
Good warranty and good price.
Will buy some demineralized water and see if that works better.