Laser Tube mA recommendation

Has anyone found the maximum mA recommendation for a Reci T2 90w/peak 100w tube?

Ask Reci or sarch on her Website

Can’t find it on the website but I have sent an email, hopefully they will reply, cheers.



28mA according to lightobject

I suggest relying more on the manufacturers specifications than lightobject.

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True always worth going to the master. Light object say 25mA and 28 max, whilst RECI recommend 24mA in the manual (Page 6)

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A great many thanks, just what I needed. Cheers from a happy NZer

Many thanks :blush:

The internet is a great place…when you can make it work!..many thanks to all

Brilliant, my laser cutter came with zero paperwork so this is the holy grail, because if you kill your tube your in deep doodoo. So many grateful thanks. Clearly my searching skills need honing, laid not find any thing useful. Cheers

Recilaser finally got back to me. “ Continuous use for a long time shall not exceed 24MA” phew I have been limiting my self to 50% power in LightBurn which turns out to be 23mA when I got my ammeter fitted. Your I put is appreciated. Cheers from NZ

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