Laser turns off slowly when finishing a cut causing a scar in the material

I just connected a jtech laser to my ender 3 and it is cutting well except that when it is finished with a cut and moves to the next cut or heads back home, the laser turns off very slowly causing an undesired cut in the material.

I don’t know much about code but from what I can tell it should be stopping the laser right away. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

; LightBurn 1.2.04
; Marlin device profile, current position
; Bounds: X0 Y0 to X365 Y252
; Cut @ 1000 mm/min, 50% power
M106 S0
G0 X0 Y0 F0
; Layer C00
M106 S127.5
G1 Y178 F1000
G1 X125
G1 Y-178
G1 X-125
M106 S0
G0 X191 Y13 F0
M106 S127.5
G1 Y239 F1000
G1 X174
G1 Y-239
G1 X-174
M106 S0
; return to starting pos
G0 X-191 Y-13 F0

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