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Any one here have the OMTECK 80 or 100 watt laser? If so, what is your opinion of them. Right know I have the Ortur laser master 2. I tried today to cut on some .016 cardboard, I set up in Light burn for two cut layers. One for a font and the another layer two cut the font out of a box on the second layer. I played around with the power settings and speed on the font to getting it to looking good, But, on the square cutout around the font, I could not get it to completely cut through the card board and that was at 100% power and trying at different feed rates. I was just looking into these OMTECK lasers from experienced guys here. Maybe someone can recommend this laser or a brand that is close to the ONTECK. Thanks for the help from you guys, I am a new dude at this,

Hi, I have Olm2, great little machine but also needed a bit more power so I treated myself to the Omtech 80, I love it.
Mine came with minimal adjustments needed(guess i was lucky)
The only thing I myself find with the 80 is it’s too much power for tiles and most cloth.
If I could afford to I would go for 50 or 60 watt but still keeping the 80 :grin:
The little Olm2 is great for certain thing and the 80 for others…
Luckily had minimal problems with either…Good luck :+1:

Correction to my first statement, the 80watt ‘does’ work on tile…
Just went back to try out on tiles and works well, guess i was in too much of a hurry when i first got the machine :crazy_face:

Thanks Chris, I was just looking into the Omtech 80 watt and the 60 watt machines, and just getting info on them. Right know I have the Ortur Laser Master 2 and am new to the laser world.


I have the Omtech 60W. Other than some dumb things I have done, the machine has been perfect for me. Have no idea how many times I have recommended Omtech.
My machine worked out of the box and is completely trouble free.

Marion, thanks for answering on the Omteck laser, sorry for the late reply. I was just looking into the 60 and 80 watt versions. Currently, I have the Ortur laser master 2 and looking to upgrade to something with more power to cut through, like 3/16 wood. I am using Lightburn, a very great laser program.


I am also a relatively new owner and interested in a more powerful laser - right tool for the job. My question is this: are the laser modules just a one for one swap? Meaning, disconnect the cable, swap the lasers, plug the cable in, and go? Or are there power supply considerations? More output power means more input power? And are there any settings that must be changed in the controller and GRBL?


Hi James, I can only answer for myself but i had a LM2(it hangs on the wall now).
While waiting for my laser to arrive I bought the water(5 gallons) and a plastic box to put it in(not expensive).
My C02 laser arrived, unpacked it, plugged it in, installed it in Lightburn.
That was pretty much it, never looked back(only been a few months) but love it.
I did try my little Lm2 a couple of days ago and realised i’ve forgotten how to use it :thinking: so i put up a hook in the garage and i guess it’ll be an ornament for the time being.
If you decide to go for it, collect all the flat wood you can while you wait.
Whatever you decide, enjoy it. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

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