Laser USB on Chinese Laser

Has anyone ever installed a camera on a chinese laser and used the USB port on the laser instead of on the computer. What Needs to be done?

Maybe define chinese laser? Actually I fear nothing will happen as the controller probably doesnt know what to do with a camera.

The camera setup in LightBurn requires the camera to be plugged into your computer USB port, not the one found on your laser. Our documentation is detailed and covers how to set up and configure your camera usage. Using a Camera - LightBurn Software Documentation

Both the USB camera and the USB controller are USB ‘devices’ and not a ‘host’ but if you only want one USB cable between your computer and laser cutter you could place a powered USB hub into your laser cutter and connect your laser controller to one port and your camera to the other.

Granted, they would be sharing the one USB bus connnection to the computer and in some cases this might effect either the camera stream or the laser if your laser controller requires LightBurn to stream the project in real time.

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