Laser will light up but not even burn through tissue

Hi all I have a sainsmart 3018-PRO with a sainsmart 5.5w laser got lb all connected and working everything works as it should but the laser doesn’t actually burn anything but will emit a bright light?

Any ideas what’s going on I have no clue we’re to start





































also it says my bed size is 200mm x 200mm but not too fussed about this at the moment

Is this the same laser you had before or this is something new?

Make sure that S Value Max in Device Settings is set to 1000 to match this value.

What size should it be? You can $130, $131, $132 to match your X, Y, Z respectively. Make sure size in Device Settings is also the same.

You don’t have soft-limits enabled ($20=0) in either case but nice to still have this correct.

Looks like your hard limits are also off ($21=1). What’s the situation with your limit switches?

Hi mate this is a different machine I brought them. At the same time getting better results with my prover so hoping I can get this working but just getting light even at 100%

Also I have no limit switches on this one

Hopefully it’s as simple as S Value Max not matching.

S value is 1000 thats matching my dollar dollar?

I must admit my wife has been on here she used candle and laser grbl could it be that she changed some settings there that effect if in light burn?

The major setting that will affect laser power is $30. That defines the value that represents full power. In this case yours is set to 1000. So in order for LightBurn to know what value to set you need to configure S Value Max in Device settings to match what you have in $30.

But if these already match then something else going on. Is it possible that your speed settings are too high?

Can you confirm that your power is variable? As in 10% is less bright compared to 100%?

Is the behavior the same in Candle and LaserGRBL?

Hi mate laser grbl is having the same results

How bright the laser is between 10% and 90% doesn’t seem like much I can hardly see the beam with glasses on 90% is brighter but nothing like my other laser

Also my speed is about 100mm/Min

Still not even burning through tissue :joy:

Hmm… that’s odd. Seems like it might be something on the hardware side.

Double check the connectors and make sure everything is plugged in correctly. Are you connected to the red connector on the controller? Make sure the pins on the controller match the laser module.

If all that looks good then try swapping the laser module between your two lasers. If the new laser still has low light then something wrong with the module. If old laser module on new controller doesn’t work well then something wrong on the controller side.

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