Laser will no longer center to the page

I have been using Lightburn for about a month now and centering the image to the page, and then centering the laser to the middle of the image with great success. Today the center laser function just stopped working. I have tried just about everything that I can think of including removing the lightburn software and then re-downloading. Nothing seems to be working. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

“Today it just stopped working” is unfortunately very little to work with.

  • Do you see any messages in the console at all?
  • Does anything at all happen?
  • Does the laser move?
  • Do you get a pop-up of some kind with an error?

Any additional detail you can provide would help, as I’m not aware of any issues with this function. It basically just issues a single G0 move to send the laser to the right spot, and those aren’t generally a problem.

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