Laser will no longer move in the X or Y axis

I am using a PHECDA laser engraver with a 10W laser. I have been using successfully for a few months but by no means an expert. I have been making some Stainless-steel cup designs with a rotary and recently re-sized the design to etch some smaller glasses. When I went to frame the design on the glass, the motors made a humming noise but did not move. I cannot seem to move it manually with lightburn. I can move the laser manually from the PHECDA control panel and can move it manually using LaserGRBL software. Being there have been several recent software patches, I reverted back to a previous version. I also removed the rotary. I am at a loss, a simple change in size should not cause this issue.

What is your speed set to in move window?
Can you type $$ into consol and paste results?

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