Laser will not burn or engrave

I am unable to get my machine to burn or engrave. I need help with my settings.

Ok Maxie @h078911 let’s start here:

Do you have the 3.5W, the 5.5W, the 15W or the 40W? (you might want to get your documentation that came with this device to help out here)

What have you done so far? Let’s start with opening the box. Did you assemble it yourself?

Then we can move on to: ‘what are you attempting to do’?

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Thank you so much for contacting me. Yes, my son and I assembled this machine and the only papers we have are the instructions. I have a Yora 6550 15W machine. I have had it for about 5 months and have not been able to burn anything with it. I need some help with the settings.

I want to design some stove top covers for craft events that I attend. This will help me eliminate having to use my cricuit machine to cut HTV and Oracle 651 Vinyl to apply to the wood I use for my stove top covers.

Since you are here, I suspect you are using LightBurn…

1/ How did the install of LightBurn go? Can you move the head in the direction expected in the ‘move’ tab?

2/ Did you try using LaserGRBL? If so, how did that go?


While we are getting this machine of yours ready to do something …

NOW would be a good time to check:

1/ Is the area adequately ventilated?
2/ This is a 450Nm laser … and if the advertising photos are accurate - the fine folks at YoraHome supplied you with ‘green safety eyewear’. This, however is not suitable for a 450 Nm laser. They need to be orange, not green.
3/ :thinking: are you familiar with the hazards and toxic fumes involved from cutting vinyl?

This is potentially a very dangerous machine, and when it’s operating anyone (yes, including pets), should not be permitted in the area unless protective eyewear is used.

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I am only cutting the vinyl with my circuit, not with the Yora 6550 CNC. Is there an issue with HTV vinyl that I am not aware of when cutting on a circuit?

Just wanted you to be aware that Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) can indeed be cut with your laser, – however, the thermal process produces hydrochloric acid and toxic fumes and can contribute to corrosion of your laser system. That’s all.