Laser will not connect to lightburn

i have a gateway laptop running windows 10 and a atomstack S10 pro. i got the laser to connect one time and then i ended the program and now i cant get it to connect whatsoever. i just bought this laser and opened the box today and im ready to throw it in the dumpster im so aggravated. it works fine with GRBL

My Win 10 machine sometimes makes me select the USB port that the engraver is on. I’m not sure why it doesn’t always auto-select it but lets try something.

Did you leave LaserGRBL running in the background and connected to your laser while you’re trying to use LightBurn?

It could have been monopolizing the conversation on the COM port. I had two copies of LightBurn running and i couldn’t talk to my engraver with one of them.

Are you using the USB cable that came with the device?

It’s probably the best option to get started. Plug it all in. Turn it all on. See if it connects. If it doesn’t connect - click Window and make sure there’s a check mark beside Laser (click Laser if you don’t see the check mark beside laser)

Now mouse over to the Laser window and try a different COM port by clicking that box in the bottom middle - wait 4-5 seconds between tries and see if you get a message in the Console window - stop if you get some numbers and letters - it’s likely . Mine will wait on Auto and not connect Automatically. One of my machines makes a little hiccup or brrp when it connects.

Let me know if you get connected ok. We can try the next thing if you’re still stuck.

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