Laser will not fire in move

I upgraded my laser to 1.301 and now I can’t get it to fire when using move to align my work

Do other operations work correctly? Are you able to run a job?

Can you take a full screenshot of LightBurn with the Move window showing?

All the other functions seem to operate ok if download a job the laser fires ok but with out the fire button I can’t line up work

The power % is obscured. Do you know what it’s set to? Try increasing that until a dot is visible.

Are the numbers you use to set maximum laser power in the machine (the $30 value) and in LightBurn (the S-Value Max number in the lower right of the Device Settings window) the same? If they do not match, you can get odd laser power behavior.

Also, are you doing all your work off of one computer, or do you perhaps set up jobs in LightBurn on one computer, and then run the job with a copy of LightBurn on a different computer? If you are working between two computers, it is easy to get value mismatches in your settings. I had a similar problem when setting up my machine, and I could get the laser to fire while framing only by dialing it up to 30% or more. I also discovered that I wasn’t getting full power from the laser, even when I thought I had it firing at 100%. Matching settings, then rebooting the machine and LightBurn fixed it for me.

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