Laser will not fire with Lightburn on a ruida 6332M

I have a dual head laser (one metal cutting 130w and one for engraving light cutting 80w) these are paired with a ruida 6332m controller. The software connects to the machine and I can control the movement x, y, and z with no issues. However when I go to run a file the laser will not fire. If I move over to rdworks the same file works fine.

What am I missing here?

In lightburn do you have your machine setting under vendor set to tube. If not start there. If so make sure in your cut layers windows that laser 1 or 2 is enabled.

That did it. Thank you for the help.

What metal are/can you cut with that.?

By the way, Jon, welcome to the forum…


2.0 mm cold steel and 1.2mm stainless, this is with oxygen assist as well.

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