Laser will not run file

I was running a file and accidentally turned off my machine. After I turned it on it homed to the right side. Normally home is left. I went into the controller and reset factory parameters and that fixed home issue but now when I try to run a file I get a message not enough room. The file is only 2” x 2”. X axis will travel fully from left to right but y axis will only travel about 2/3rd’s of the full length. I’ve tried resetting y axis but to no avail. Any help with this will be greatly appreciated. My machine is OMTech 60w

Might try deleting all the files on the Ruida. They get a bit cranky when they get low on memory.

Might want to look inside at the controller and make sure the ‘error’ light on it is off.

If you did a factory reset, not generally a good idea, then you need to restore the original manufacturers configuration you wiped out when you did the factory reset and you should be back up… assuming you did a save of them when in Machine Settings. lol

I find some backup files that Lightburn has stashed in one of my .config directories… Maybe you should look for the .lbset files…

Pretty smart of those guys… :crazy_face:

This is the directory on my Ubuntu box, have no other idea about them… last dated April 23 of this year.