Laser won’t go to right start point

No matter what settings I choose, the laser starts where it wants to. It just started doing this. I have tried user originate, absolute, current position. But it just won’t go there. I have tried every dot on the square too. Doesn’t matter.

The yellow is where I want it to cut. The red is where it goes. I have turned the machine off and on. Reset. Turned my computer off and on. Not sure what else to do. Ty

First, show us a screenshot (please, no cell phone pix - hard to see) of the entire LightBurn window making sure we can also see both the ‘Cuts / Layers’ and ‘Laser’ windows.

Hi Rick I am having the same problem but the images are also inverting them selves when sent to the lasercutter.

I was able to figure out that it was my origin… it was set to that spot. However, I am surprised that the options (current position and absolute coordinates) don’t override this.

Welcome, and thank you for supporting LightBurn. We are here to help and want you to enjoy using LightBurn and you can help too. Not the best to jump in the middle of a post, and offer little detail beyond “images are also inverting them selves”. You will find better results posting to a new topic and include as much detail as possible. :slight_smile:

Don’t know what to offer for the “same problem” comment, but the “inverting” of images, what does this mean? When you say “images”, what are you identifying, raster / bitmap images, such as a photograph? You are showing what looks like vector artwork, so I am checking for clarity. Are you saying the images are flipped in orientation or that the image (raster / bitmap) is produced in the negative (black being white and white being black)?

Glad to hear you are finding your way. I was assuming you had an issue with the ‘Start From’ setting but wanted to see your screen to confirm. Have a read here for more on the subject and which setting does what. Coordinates & Origin - LightBurn Software Documentation

Additionally, the ‘Cut Selected Graphics’ and ‘Use Selection Origin’ settings will affect this and should be understood as well.

Cut Selected Graphics

This toggle switch tells LightBurn to only send the portion of your design that is currently selected. If you run a file on your machine and part of the design doesn’t cut all the way through, select that piece, enable this switch, and click Start to re-send just the selected part of the job. The placement of the part will not change.

Use Selection Origin

When used in combination with Cut Selected Graphics, the Use Selection Origin button tells LightBurn that you want the origin of the job to be calculated from only the parts that are selected, not the whole design. This is useful if you have many different shapes in a file, like a large selection of frames, but only want to send the one you’ve chosen, and want the origin calculated from just that selected item.

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