Laser won’t move out

I have exlaser using LB . I just switched back to the laser from using the rotary attachment. I switched the cables with the laser off. When I turned it on the laser will not come out past 900 in Y. The X goes full width of bed. What did I do wrong and how do I correct my mistake? Thank you
Also when I manually move laser to X-0 and Y-0 position and I press Esc the laser moves to X-316 Y- 900 but 900 position is only 6 inches from the rear of the bed…help

Another thing I noticed… when I connect the laptop to laser. I go to the move screen and when I move the Laser even tho it stops at 900 on the laser control panel the laptop says it’s in Y position 35.434 which seams correct.

Update… turn off rotary in LB and everything work fine… live n learn lol

I was going to suggest, but you found it. :slight_smile:

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